Since its release, the Palm Pilot personal organiser has quickly become one of the most popular hacking environments. People have written all sort of stuff for this device... Some have even modified the operating system to produce rather interesting functions. Here is a program that I wrote during my initial exposure to the Palm Pilot SDK. Many Palm Pilot users out there (based on email I get) seem to like the program. Here is the latest binary for the program: For the coder in you, here is the source code: The program is freeware (so share it with your friends and distribute it) but remember to cite your sources if you use the code. The last update to the program (version 1.01) was in September 1997.

Here is some info about the program. It is called Ataxx and it is based on an old arcade game of the same name. Many other games have been released based on the same concept. It is a board game where the object is to have the largest number of pieces at the end of the game. The game is quite similar to Riversi. Here is a screenshot from the game (taken from CoPilot).


Updated December 4, 2001